The green kitchen at Åkeshofs Slott

Food and beverage with inspiration from mother nature

Dinner for two, family gatherings, big events, beautiful weddings or meetings – it is important to match the best food for the most important occasion. Food is an important part of the experience at Åkeshofs Slott and we that work in the restaurant and kitchen here love our work. We serve food with ingredients that are in season, creating an everchanging menu that goes with the seasons. Our location next to the nature reserve Judarskogen plays it part and is a source of continual inspiration.

Our head chef Petra Hed is part Norwegian with a strong sense of belonging to the northern parts of Scandinavia. The forest, sea and mountains all play their part when Petra create her menu and often incorporate Nordic flavours in her cooking. Juniper berry, salsify, blueberry, chantarelles and mountain birch oil are all favourite ingredients of Petra. We harvest our spices from the herb garden located next to Orangeriet and our cooperation with local growers from Bromma and nearby Ekerö gives us a constant inflow of fresh and locally produces vegetables. Don’t be surprised if you find decorative parts from nature in both the castle and on your plate.

Welcome and enjoy the good parts of life at the green castle in Bromma

Conference Specials


Lördagar och söndagar! Ta med familj och vänner och njut av slottets ljuvliga frukostbuffé. På söndagar är det dessutom långfrukost!

Unik miljö

Använd vår miljö för foto och film. Vackra slottssalonger med 1700-talskonst och Restaurang Råkoko som är som en grönskande oas m.m.

Fest i det gröna slottet

Bjud in till fest! Vare sig ni vill ha en litet personlig middag eller ett hej dundrande party så har vi något som passar alla.