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Bed & Breakfast Weekends

Are friends and family visiting? Check in your guests or yourself at Åkeshofs Slott in Bromma. Here you will live in a scenic environment and with only 50 meters walk from the metro station (15 minutes to Stockholm city). We offer favourable prices on accommodation including breakfast during the weekends.


Single room from 795 SEK per night

Double room from 1 095 SEK per night

The hotel rooms are located in the three castle wings; the garden villa, the east wing and the west wing. Breakfast is served in our restaurant at the castle. Other times the castle is closed during the weekends.

Business guests

As business guest you are warmly welcome to stay at Åkeshofs Slott Bed & Breakfast. Right outside the courtyard you will find the metro as will take you to Stockholm city in 15 minutes. Åkeshofs Slott is located only 7 minutes from Bromma Airport. Breakfast is included in the accommodation and the parking is free.