One day meeting

Enjoy the good parts of life for one day

Sometimes it is more efficient to meet outside the office environment – if only for a few hours.

The One Day Meeting Package includes:

Conference room
Morning coffee
Afternoon coffee

Price from 695 SEK per person
excluding VAT


Call: +46 8 445 80 77
Email: meet@akeshofsslott.se
or fill in the enquiry down below.

There is also a wide range of different activities to add something extra to your meeting. Please ask us, we will gladly help to find the right activity for you!

Online booking


Online booking

If you are more then 25 people or have more questions? Please send a enquiry instead.


You can also book your conference online. Try our online booking here.

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Conference Specials from

Åkeshofs Slott

24H Weekend Meetings

Full board from 1 895 SEK per person. Too busy to arrange a meeting during the work week? Then 24H Weekend Package could be the right deal for you!

Full board meetings

Full board from 2 095 SEK per person. Gather the team and focus on getting the work done. Meanwhile we will focus on taking care of you.